Atwell College

Learning At Atwell

At Atwell, every student is part of a vibrant learning community where they are supported and respected.

Our teachers are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and active learning environment underpinned by positive expectations where students feel motivated and free to fully participate. Our teachers are equipped with the latest educational knowledge through a broad variety of ongoing professional development programs.

Educating students of today for tomorrow

At Atwell College, students:

  • Are motivated and free to fully participate in the College's modern education programs.
  • Collaborate with their peers, encouraging them to cooperate with others.
  • Learn to make responsible choices.
  • Develop an appreciation of and respect for diversity.
  • Are supported and valued by both their teachers and peers.
  • Learn how to develop positive relationships and have empathy for others.
  • Develop the skills, personal qualities, values and attitudes they need to thrive in the future.