Atwell College


Food and drinks provided in Western Australian public schools are required to support the development of healthy eating in students.

The role of the school cafeteria is to provide a food service to students and staff that is part of a whole school approach that supports healthy eating, is affordable and financially sustainable.

Schools must support healthy eating by students in accordance with the 'traffic light' system and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. The menu must:

  • Have available every day and promote a wide range of the foods that comprise the majority of a healthy diet ('green').

  • Have available only sometimes, use healthier alternatives and avoid large serving sizes of foods that should be eaten in moderation ('amber'). Savoury commercial products in the 'amber' category of foods must only be offered twice per week.

  • Not include foods that do not meet specified minimum nutrient criteria ('red').

All menus must promote 'green' food and drinks and ensure they are available every day. The minimum standard required for compliance with the policy is a menu made up of 60 percent 'green' and 40 percent 'amber' food and drinks according to the 'traffic light' system in 32 schools are encouraged to exceed this minimum standard.

The cafeteria at Atwell College is a state-of-the-art building providing the latest in quality restaurant grade appliances and fittings. The cafeteria accommodates indoor and alfresco style seating and is managed and run by Roger Sprong of Trailway Enterprises. 

Further information on healthy eating in public schools can be obtained on the Department of Education's policies website

Download the Café menu here.