Atwell College


Atwell College Arts Learning Area is comprised of programs in Dance, Drama, Media, Music, Photography and Visual Arts. In Years 7 and 8, students rotate through each of these disciplines so that they develop a strong foundation for continued learning and skill development. The Arts promotes lifelong learning through development of problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and self-expression through creativity and imagination.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts course encompasses the practice and theory of the broad areas of art, craft and design. Students have opportunities to express their imagination and develop personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of artworks. They develop aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness that assists them to appreciate and make informed evaluations of art.

This course assists students to value and develop confidence in their own creative abilities and to develop a greater understanding of their environment, community and culture. The Visual Arts course engages students in a process that helps them develop motivation, self-esteem, discipline, collaborative practice and resilience, all of which are essential life skills. Enterprise and initiative are recognised and encouraged.


In Music, students will learn to be familiar with a wide range of music through both listening and practical participation. They will learn important facts about the historical and artistic development of music through the stylistic eras. Students will gain an understanding of musical concepts and their application to various styles of music and will develop the facility to express musically in whatever he or she chooses.

In Senior School, students are given the opportunity to develop their musical abilities and potential and share their creativity and personal expression through creating, presenting and responding to music. They produce and present music, working independently and with others. They can do this in the context of western art music, jazz, contemporary music and/or world/indigenous music. By studying music from other times and cultures, students experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment whilst striving to achieve at the highest possible level.