Atwell College


The study of how we question, explore and explain natural phenomena is the corner stone of Science learning at Atwell College. Using a humanistic inquiry approach, classes walk in the footsteps of famous scientists to experience the derivation of classic scientific theories. This experiential approach is used to inspire curiosity and creativity, preserving in learners the willingness to take academic risks and to use the scientific method to analyse and solve problems.

Additionally, students at Atwell College participate in lessons designed to develop a solid foundation of the principles of the four great houses of Science knowledge: Biology; Chemistry; Earth and Space Sciences; and Physics.

The curriculum from Year 7 to 12 is organised into 3 areas:

  1. Science Inquiry (the experimental method)
  2. Science as a Human Endeavour (the derivation and use of Science theories)
  3. Science Understanding (classical Science theories)

The Team

Science teachers at Atwell College have one important feature in common – we all adore Science! It is this passion that we seek to harness to inspire in our students a desire to continue to use the principles and techniques polished in our classes to enrich their whole lives. We believe that the study of Science is an excellent example of integrated learning, where the skills from all subject areas are further developed and refined.