Atwell College

International Students

Atwell College is a recognized and approved secondary school enrolling international fee-paying students. The college has currently enrolled international students in a variety of year levels. The college supports international students through:

  • A personalized curriculum for the student to achieve a WACE graduation and university and TAFE enrolment.

  • The provision of an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

  • Extra no additional cost tuition support

  • EALD (English as an Additional Language/Dialect) courses in senior school supporting university and TAFE entrance

  • Secondary school pastoral care and student support facilities and programs.

  • Access to all Atwell College extra curricular programs.

Please note all enrolment and fee information is available and completed through TIWA (TAFE International Western Australia). Learn more about the process on the TIWA website.

Please contact TIWA or Atwell College should you require further information regarding fee-paying international students.