Atwell College

Music Programme


To apply for the 2024 Year 7 Music Programme - Beginner Please Click Here

To apply for the 2024 Year 7 Music Programme - Student currently learning an instrument Please Click Here

Students are provided with a high standard of music education and training to lead to music excellence and explore a range of genres and concepts. Music learning combines listening, performing and composing activities. These activities developed sequentially, enhance students' capacity to perceive and understand music.

As students' progress in their study of Music, they learn to value and appreciate the power of music to transform the heart, soul, mind and spirit of the individual. In this way, students develop an aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment of music. ​

  Atwell College Music is growing, and we are excited to offer beginner Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) placements for our incoming 2024 Year 7 cohort. We are also looking forward to working with those students who have been working with IMSS at primary school and students who learn an instrument privately. 

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