Atwell College

Principal's Pen

Orientation Day

I look forward to the Atwell College Orientation Day on Thursday 5 December. Year 6 students from Atwell Primary School, Harmony Primary School, Success Primary School, Jandakot Primary School and Aubin Grove Primary School that have enrolled for Year 7 at Atwell College will spend the day enjoying a special program designed to support the students in their transition from primary to secondary school. The Year 6 students will experience 'Home Room', an Atwell College feature designed to give the best possible learning experience to students. Home Room is supported and trusted by the community as a structure providing the best possible pastoral care at the start of a student's secondary education. 'Home Room' also supports student access to secondary curriculum in a structure recognizing developmental and sequential learning.

Laptops 2014

The college recommends a particular laptop (see website) to parents wishing to participate in the laptop learning and e-learning program at Atwell College. The college has machines available for student use in some lessons. The advantage in the students having their own laptop is that the students will be able to use their machine seamlessly between home and the college. The college also provides technical support for students that have the recommended machine.

The college has invested extensively in modern software and programs to support e-learning including an online 'V' library. Mr Darren Smith is employed by the college to support e-learning in the classroom, supporting students and teachers in their development of using laptop computers in the best way to promote student engagement and learning.

Often parents ask me whether the students really need a laptop computer given the college has machines available for some of the time in a student day. My answer is that I noticed the graduating Y12 students this year that study an ATAR course for university entrance use laptops extensively. The laptop is an incredible tool for the organization and storage of academic information. The student takes time to learn how to use the laptop to their advantage. This is why we start the students in Y7. All students ATAR or not benefit from extensive use and exposure to the laptops during their college day. Having a laptop within the school environment is the best way to learn to use the machines efficiently.

Year 9 Exams

I congratulate all Y9 students for the way they have engaged with their first set of formal exams. This is the first time Atwell College has insisted on formal exams for all Year 9 students. Previously exams for Y9 students were delivered on a class by class basis. Through exposure to formal exams starting in Year 9 the college is preparing the students thoroughly in exam technique ready for formal courses in Y11 and Y12. I will report to the community through the college board on the success of the exams.


Reports will be available for pickup by parents/guardians on the advertised date and time. The college budget no longer supports large mail out of large items like reports. At this stage until an efficient and secure online system is available to the college for student report access the college is providing a report pickup process. To ensure privacy and security standards are met parents and guardians are required to pick up the report documents.

Students Enrolling/Leaving

Please keep the college informed of intentions regarding enrolling of students or transferring to another school. Enrolment demand for places at Atwell College is very strong and accurate information assists the college in planning for 2014.

Kind regards

Noel Woodley