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Students have started semester 2 teaching and learning programs immediately after the completion of the semester 1 learning, assessment and reporting cycle. Year 12 students have a short second semester so the importance of adherance to assessment schedules is very important.

Parent, Teacher Online (PTO)

As stated in an earlier newsletter the college is using a service called Parent Teacher Online to coordinate the bookings for the upcoming parents and students report night 24 July. Families will receive their letter before the end of term with log in details to set appointments with teachers.

Atwell College International and National Trips

The college is starting to develop a series of trips to support student opportunities and development. At the moment the college has students attending international college based trips to Ecuador and to Japan. The college has also been supporting an annual Year 9 trip to Canberra and the snowfields. These activities are expensive and families need time to plan for these events. Please note at this stage:

* Year 9 Canberra trip occurs annually for Year 9 students.

* Japan trip occurs biannually for students studying Japanese in Year 10, 11 and 12.

* Proposed Netball and Rugby League enrichment programs for student in senior school participating in the programs 2014.

More opportunities for these styles of extra curriculum programs may occur in the future. The college will keep the community informed of any developments.

Year 10 Course Counselling

Course counselling for Year 10 students has begun. In choosing courses for Year 11 and eventually Year 12 the students and their families are being asked to attend interviews at Atwell College. As explained to parents at the Year 10 parent night held 11 June an advantage of the growing population into the Atwell College Senior School is the number of courses available to students. A wider profile of courses for both university bound students and training and employment students means a more likely match to student skills and abilities in Year 11 and 12. As part of the counselling process I encourage parents to make as much contact as possible or as needed to seek advice and support enabling the best decisions made by students and their families. Detailed information for Year 10 course counselling is active on the college web page.

Kind regards

Noel Woodley - Principal