Atwell College

Atwell College Bushranger Cadets

It's been another wonderful start to the Cadets year with many new enrolments. We have a very dynamic and excitable bunch of Bushrangers. We have already had our Snake Handling training and last weekend saw the first camp of the year go off without a hitch at Woodman Point Recreation Camp. The cadets threw themselves headlong into all activities, from raft making to escaping the clutches of our fearsome guards during escape from quarantine. All cadets embraced the team building weekend with overwhelming enthusiasm. A big thankyou to the amazing parents who came along to help and a bigger thankyou to the fantastic Atwell College staff Thea Booth, Steve Francis, Susan Leach and Donna Mackie who made my job of camp leader a breeze. We eagerly await our next camp to Shark Bay, stay tuned.

Linda Harrup
Atwell College Bushranger Cadets Unit Leader