Atwell College

Personal Items List 2020

Please see 2020 Personal Item List below.

To avoid starting school without all the student needs, we strongly recommend you place your orders before Christmas with our booklist supplier Campion Education.

Home delivery order will be dispatched for FREE the week ending 10 January 2020, if placed on or before the cut-off date of Friday 13 December 2019.

To place your booklist orders online, go to and follow the prompts. Our College code is "EH9B".

In addition to the resources indicated in the Campion Booklist, the Casio Classpad FX-CP400 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Years 7 to 10 Students in the Academic Extension Program (AEP) Mathematics and REQUIRED for Years 11-12 students taking at least one ATAR Mathematics subject. The Classpad will be supplied by ABACUS. Kindly refer to the separate list for ordering details.

Yr 7 Campion

Yr 7 Abacus

Yr 8 Campion

Yr 8 Abacus

Yr 9 Campion

Yr 9 Abacus

Yr 10 Campion

Yr 10 Abacus

Yr 11 Campion

Yr 11 Abacus

Yr 12 Campion

Yr 12 Abacus 

Ed Support Yr 7

Ed Support Yr 8

Ed Support Yr 9

Ed Support Yr 10

Ed Support Yrs 11 - 13