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Pastoral Care

Atwell College is committed to a school-wide approach to the wellbeing of its students and seeks the holistic development of each child academically, socially and emotionally. The College aims to provide an environment where each student feels safe, accepted and supported to achieve his or her full potential and to experience a feeling of belonging to their learning community.

Strong community values, self-worth, respect and concern for all is evident in the College's modern value-based educational philosophy and core beliefs of Connection, Opportunity, Environment and Holism which form the pillars of the College's operations.

The Student Services team is committed to supporting all students in their journey through school and preparation for life long learning. Atwell College focuses on a school-wide system of support that includes proactive strategies for defining teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create a positive school environment. Each cohort is targeted with specific learning programs to target the intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional growth of Atwell College students. Pastoral care programs and activities for each year group reflect the following themes under a continuum of positive behaviour support for all students within the school through the overarching banner of Positive Behaviour in Schools.


Deputy Principals

Quality Teaching

Year 8 & 9

Jodi Lambert



Student Achievement

Year 10 & 11

Michael Ciccotosto



Student Services

Year 7 & 12

Tonia Brown


Associate Principal

Education Support

All Year Groups

Brendon Bleakley



Student Services Coordinators

Yr 10-11-12

Brooke Hughes


Student Services Coordinators

Yr 7-8-9

Glendah Migro



Year Coordinators

Year 7

Linda Potter



Year 8

Michael Guthrie



Year 9

David Mueller



Year 10

Alex Jones



Year 11

Nicole Roberts



Year 12

Steven Francis




All Year Groups

Vanessa Birkinshaw (Wed, Fri and Tue odd week)

Wendy Voysey (Mon, Thu and Fri AM)


All Year Groups

Karen Penny (Mondays)

Pauline Arnold (Tuesdays - Fridays)


All Year Groups

Michael Bone

Friendly Schools Survey 2018

Over 800 students recently completed the Friendly Schools Survey and the results were very interesting and positive. Please see survey outcomes friendly-schools.pdf.

The results indicated well and truly that most students have a positive experience at Atwell College. The survey will be used to plan more student support programs.

Please contact the school if you would like more information or help in understanding the outcomes to the survey.

Coping with Studies and Exams

Study and exam time can be stressful! Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to alleviate stress. Here are some tips:

  • Establish sensible routines for study, leisure, work and  well-being.
  • Look after your health: eat well, get enough sleep and  exercise.
  • Do things you enjoy.
  • Spend time with people you care about and who care  about you. 
  • Relax, meditate.
  • Be kind to yourself. 
  • Manage your self-talk.                             
         - Instead of saying "What's the point?" say "I'm working 
    towards a goal". 
         - Instead of saying "This is too hard" say "This may take  some time and effort". 
         - Instead of saying "I can't do this" say "I can give this a  good go".

For any of our students experiencing stress, please see your year coordinator who can help you make an appointment to see one of our school psychologists. Don't suffer in silence.

For more information, see the following websites:…/surviving-year-12 (Counsellors online as well as phone advice available) (Counsellors online as well as phone advice available)

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