Atwell College

Year 10 Work Experience

This year the Year 10 Industry and Enterprise students have been experiencing a revised career education program. Initially the students focused on developing an idea of what career they wanted and what qualifications or training they needed to attain in order to get to their individualised goal. The students have also looked at what attributes employers look for in workers and the key employability skills they desire. As we progressed into the unit, the students were asked (with the help of their parents, their teacher and the Workplace Learning Officers) to firstly identify a career that they would like some work experience in and then to use some of the skills that they had learned in class to make phone calls or communicate face to face to establish a suitable one week work experience placement. The students were very diligent in their endeavours, many of them networking with their families and friends in order to attain a suitable workplace.

Before the students started their work experience placement they completed a work readiness unit that included an Occupational Safety and Health module to help the students stay safe at work. We studied some examples of workplace accidents and analysed how the outcomes could have been avoided or changed. We looked at different signs and symbols that the students may come across whilst out in the workplace and we also viewed a Manual Handling video so that the students knew the correct method of handling both light and heavy items.

In weeks six and seven after significant input from the students, their families and staff involved, many of the students successfully completed their week of work experience. Students had the opportunity to experience working in a diverse range of careers and businesses some of which include:

Sportsmed Murdoch The Rabbit Shop
The Automotive Specialist Leeming Vet
Svitzer Cockburn City Council
Officeworks Mandurah Atwell Primary School
Hammond Park Primary School Rottnest Express
Kidspot Child Care Centre Buggles Aubin Grove
Frasier Suites Settlers Primary School
Fortress Manufacturing Harmony Primary School
Cockburn Ranger Atwell-Aubin Grove Veterinary Clinic
and many more

Upon their return each student had to give a summary of their experiences whilst out on work experience. The students each noted what the experience had taught them and whether it had changed their minds in regards to their future career path. It was with a pleasing clarity that many students noted that they had a renewed respect for how hard their parents worked. Many also realised what level of experience and qualifications they would need to achieve their goals. The students thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and I look forward to assisting the next group of Industry and Enterprise students in Semester Two. I would like to give thanks to all the businesses that graciously gave their time to help our students throughout their week and also to all the staff and families involved in assisting the students have this valuable experience.

Melinda Head

Industry & Enterprise Teacher and Workplace Learning Coordinator