Atwell College

Leadership Breakfast

On Tuesday the 10th of June, we were lucky enough to participate in attending a leadership breakfast conference held by WASSEA. The guest speaker was Patrick Hollingworth, an experienced high altitude mountaineer from Perth. He was an environmental scientist whose passion for nature led him to conquer some of the world's highest mountains, including Mt. Everest.

Over breakfast, Patrick told us his inspiring journey and shared his special techniques that guided him to achieve his goals. His presentation focused on vision, engagement, risk, resilience, learning and sustainable growth. All of which, he believes, are the stepping stones to success. He encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones, build resilience, form a team and learn from past experiences- this is the way to step forward.

"I decided early on, a life half-lived is a life wasted."- Patrick Hollingworth

Patrick Hollingworth