Atwell College

Job Interview Training

Year 12 VET students have been honing their job interview skills by participating in simulated job interviews with industry representatives as part of the Career and Enterprise program.

Before the simulated interviews began, the Year 12 Career and Enterprise students researched typical job interview questions, wrote their responses and rehearsed their answers. Students were taught how to make a good first impression and talk confidently about themselves especially their recent work and training experiences.

Ms Karen Rodgers who has a range of industry and work place experiences volunteered to interview the students. Ms Di Lucia, Ms Bayly and Mr Hilderbrandt who have all previously performed a range of roles in a number of industries, also assisted with the simulated job interviews.

Students were required to dress appropriately for their industry and present their personal portfolio and resume to the interviewer.

The students were clearly nervous but said they enjoyed the experience and felt confident that they could now perform well in an actual job interview.

Mrs Pippa Ralston

VET Coordinator