Atwell College

Year 12 Ball

One of the many highlights of the Atwell College calendar was held last Friday night at the Hyatt Regency in Perth. The year 12 ball was a year in the making and the consensus of all that attended was that it was a fantastic night. The girls looked stunning in an array of coloured gowns and the boys were all very suave in their suits.

The evening began with mocktails in the terrace which was then followed by a buffet style dinner and dessert. The entertainment and highlights for the night was via the Da Doo Ron Ron DJ and a very special performance by the staff of Atwell College! (A very special mention must go to our fantastic dance teacher Mr David Mueller whose expert skills made the staff performance a real spectacular).

These types of event are only successful when there is an abundance of help, so thank you to all of the students, parents and staff members that contributed to the organisation of the ball.

The Belle of the Ball was Rachel Gaskin and the Beau was Jake Doubikin.