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Dear parents and carers of Year 6 students.

Please be informed that the closing date for all enrolments for 2019 Year 7 admissions into Atwell College is on Friday 23 November 2018. This will assist us in our organisation and planning of the Orientation Day on Friday 30th November and the timetabling of classes for 2019. Thank you.

The Department of Education has designated Atwell College as a local intake school. To enrol at the school, there are a number of eligibility requirements for local intake enrolments.

Application and Eligibility

The school only has places for a student whose family is residing within the boundaries of the Atwell College local intake area as determined by the Department of Education, Western Australia at the time enrolment commences.

Enrolment in local partner primary schools as an 'out of local area' enrolment does not permit enrolment to Atwell College. Conditions apply, please see enrolment package for details.

A map of the local intake area is available here. To assist the College in determining the student's eligibility under local intake, the following original documentation needs to be attached to the application for admission (please note scanned copies cannot be accepted):

1. Proof of ownership of the property by the parent/s where the student will reside. This may be a rate notice from the local council.

Where the family is in a rental property, a copy of the rental agreement (minimum 12 months).

2. Applicants should provide further pieces of evidence (minimum of 2) to confirm their residential address.

These may include:

• Power accounts

• Gas accounts

• Telephone accounts

• Current bank statements showing the address

• Removalist documents

• Contents Insurance

• Any other documents that may support the application as proof of residence

Additional documents required are:

1. A copy of the student's Birth Certificate if born in Australia or Passports of the Parents and the student if born overseas. This is also a requirement for proof of age.

2. The student's most recent school report.

Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 1999, Division 2.20 "the Principal may cancel the enrolment if false or misleading information was given."

Applications for enrolment are required to be completed at the school, posted applications will not be accepted. For all enrolment enquiries, please contact our enrolments officer on 08 6174 2200 or email

Applications for enrolment can be downloaded here.

Application for enrolment - Education Support can be downloaded here.

Completed forms need to be delivered to Atwell College administration office at:

Atwell College
201 Brenchley Drive
Atwell WA 6164